About Planet Leicester Bakers

Planet Leicester Bakers was founded by Michelle Stratford in 2014. It is currently operating as a sole trader business, running a micro-bakery from Michelle’s home doorstep north of Leicester City.  Specialist services for individuals, business and communities are also available – including training, team-building and public speaking. Community based projects and initiatives are a core part of the business’s activities.

Founder, Michelle Stratford

Michelle Stratford has over 20 years of experience working in the charity and community sector, from international to local levels.  This included work as a tutor in community adult education and on community health projects. In 2013 she began to look at ideas to develop her own social enterprise and Planet Leicester Bakers was the result!

Michelle is a fourth generation home bread baker. She was taught to bake bread by her mother as a child and has done so ever since. Following research and visiting community bakeries around the country, Michelle decided to take the path of becoming a Bread Angel. She started up her own home-based micro-bakery, before securing the funding for the Sharing Bread community project. Further community project work followed.

Michelle settled in Leicestershire in 2002 with her partner, a professional youth and community manager. For more information on Michelle’s professional background check out her profile on Linked In.

“Michelle has a natural ability to plan and drive projects forward. An absolute pleasure to work with.”

Rachel Watson – charity sector professional.

Planet Leicester Bakers Community Project

Planet Leicester Bakers Community Project is a fully constituted community group. Together, the committee has over 100 years of experience of work in the charity and community sector, much of it in the Leicester and Leicestershire area. The wealth of experience, range of skills and knowledge that the committee has brought to Planet Leicester Bakers has enabled it to create a solid and successful base from which to flourish across the county and city, and maybe even beyond.

To request a copy of the Community Project’s equal opportunities and safeguarding policies, or constitution, please contact Michelle Stratford.

The People

Planet Leicester Bakers is more than just bread. It is the people who take part in its projects and activities, in turn becoming Planet Leicester Bakers. This growing network of home bread bakers will, it is hoped, develop a passion and taste for bread that is made by ordinary people in their homes and communities of common interest – helping us all to take more control of our bread and how it’s made.

Photo credit: Kathryn Rippin, Community Advice and Law Service