Tailored Services

Planet Leicester Bakers offers a number of exciting tailored bread services for private individuals, organisations and businesses to enjoy. As a business with social purpose, these services support the community work of Planet Leicester Bakers.

Ranging from learning to hand make bread in your home, to offering team activities for staff and volunteers, Planet Leicester Bakers will work with you to develop bespoke activities that meet your needs.

More information is added to this page as these services and activities develop. Please contact Michelle to start a conversation about bread and what it can do for you, your family, friends, clients and colleagues!

‘The Loaf’:  Simple Half-Day Personal Tuition from £65

For just £65* you can enjoy the wonder of creating a simple loaf of fresh homemade bread in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Michelle will come to your home and spend 4-5 hours with you, creating and working dough, shaping loaves and cobs and sharing knowledge.  You will then be a certified Planet Leicester Baker.  This is perfect for complete beginners or those who have tried to bake bread before but not been happy with the results!

The price includes the basic ingredients and recipe sheets.

Larger groups are priced as follows:

2 people: £95

3 people : £120

For more people add £15 per head. If you have a large group that will not fit your kitchen, a community kitchen can be hired with the cost split among the group.

*Small additional travel costs may be added depending on distance.

“Michelle has been an excellent teacher, sharing lots of hints, tips and scientific explanations.  And she has been great fun!”

Training participant, Loughborough.

Special Breads Training

Planet Leicester Bakers offers the chance to learn new and exciting handmade bread making skills in the comfort of your kitchen with family and friends. With prices starting at £95 for one person this bespoke personal experience is a lovely way to spend a day and a great gift for people you love! The one day training sessions are aimed at those with limited bread making experience who want to build on their basic skills. It is an informal and fun way to learn!

Current full day sessions on offer:

  • A loaf and more: First time bread making and more
  • Sweet doughs
  • Bread and bread making for kids
  • Slower bread: An introduction

Full Day Training Information Contact Us

Team Building with Bread

Bread is a brilliant tool for bringing people together!

wp_20170405_008Learn a new skill, or brush up existing ones!

Take part in an activity that encourages close working and peer support.

Relax and find out about the greater physical and mental well-being bread can offer.image7

Increase awareness and knowledge about good, slower food and the benefits of embracing preparing and eating it with others.image18Have fun, smile and laugh a lot!

Read about a team building session with Leicester’s Community Advice and Law Service team.

Talks & Presentations

Speaking at the Women’s Institute

Planet Leicester Bakers is available for talks, presentations and demonstrations to suit your audience.

Where did Planet Leicester Bakers come from?

What is the story of one woman’s family history that has led to this business with a social purpose?

What has been learnt along the way and where is the journey taking us?

Why use bread in work in the community?

And so much more…Thank you so much for a fascinating talk last Wednesday.All the members really enjoyed it.

CONTACT Planet Leicester Bakers to start a conversation about tailoring services to your needs.