Michelle with a loaf of bread she has made
Photo by Ursula Kelly softboxstudio.co.uk


Welcome to Planet Leicester Bakers and information about the business. With a successful career spanning 25 years in charity sector communications, training and project work, I established the business in 2014, with the aim of exploiting bread to do good in our many, varied Leicester communities.

I am a fourth generation home bread baker, taught in the 1970s in Nottingham by my mother to bake bread. My early life experiences led me to work in international aid and development. Leaving in 2001 I moved with my partner to Leicester and became a successful adult tutor. After returning to the charity sector as a freelancer I decided to start up my own social business.

After researching business options I trained as a micro-baker with the Bread Angels network and started baking to sell in July 2014. Funding for the first community project, Sharing Bread, followed swiftly and from there the business has grown to what you see on this site today.

Michelle Stratford

Founder, Planet Leicester Bakers

‘Michelle has a natural ability to plan and drive projects forward.   An absolute pleasure to work with.’

Rachel Watson. Charity sector professional

Bakers not bakery

People lie at the heart of Planet Leicester Bakers. In the first six years the business has engaged with over a thousand people, both local and beyond our county’s borders. Through training, community projects, public events and the micro-bakery many have been inspired to give bread baking a go themselves.

Regular appearances on local radio and a growing following on social media means that Planet Leicester Bakers is contributing to the increasing interest many of us have in improving our food and our health and wellbeing through bread.

Planet Leicester Bakers logo of multi-coloured loaves

The name ‘Planet Leicester Bakers’ was inspired by a charity colleague’s comment that the whole planet is represented in Leicester.

The vibrant colours in the logo represent the energetic diversity in our city and county and the communities with who we work.

Site materials

Unless otherwise stated/credited (where feasible) photos and video production by, and owned by, Planet Leicester Bakers. No materials are to be reproduced, downloaded or shared without prior permission from Planet Leicester Bakers. With thanks to Joan Ransley for superb photography training and support.