The Micro-Bakery at
Planet Leicester Bakers

Planet Leicester Bakers has been baking bread for local Leicester people since 2014. It is a home-based micro-bakery service which has adapted to meet customer need. In 2019 bake days saw a new initiative with the launch of the Bread Bike, parking up and selling in a local retail square. Now, with COVID-19, the Bread Bike delivers direct to registered customers’ homes in the city.

"Hi Michelle, just wanted to let you know that we both absolutely LOVE the bread this week!!!"

The Bread Bike

Freshly baked proper bread delivered to your door for the weekend.

The current Bake Day service sees customer orders delivered by bicycle on and around a route from Thurmaston through Leicester city centre. Bake Day is on Fridays (though subject to change). Addresses can be workplaces or homes and deliveries are usually from about 4pm onwards. Customers are asked to come out to pick their order up out of the bicycle’s basket, keeping safe distance. A variety of payment options are available.

To benefit from this lovely doorstep service, contact Planet Leicester Bakers. Demand is growing and a second Bake Day may be possible so register interest to help determine the new route!


The Bread Bike with bread on board
The Bread Bike delivers along a city centre route weekly
Bread Bike delivery route plan
This is a local council registered food business with a top food hygiene rating of 5 stars.

In response to the current health situation Planet Leicester Bakers has carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment and put in place extra measures to keep customers and clients safe. Please don’t hesitate to ask for information and reassurance.

“Hi Michelle, the bread is delicious! My mom who is visiting thought the same”

Svenja, bakery customer

Background photo: with thanks to Joan Ransley

Bay and potato loaf

Stalls at events

Planet Leicester Bakers can provide stalls at events, giving local people the opportunity to enjoy lovely, fresh, proper bread. The varieties of bread offered can also be made to suit the occasion!

A tin loaf of golden bread with a bread knife

Bread at talks

Public speaking bookings and bread making demonstrations can include bread sales. Contact Planet Leicester Bakers to discuss your needs.

Special orders

Special order bakes are offered. From treating your staff team to having handmade unusual bread for a celebration or dinner event – get in touch to discuss what can be offered.  


Planet Leicester Bakers is committed to using good quality ingredients in the bakery, often locally sourced and produced. There is also a commitment to supporting Fair Trade, free range and more ethically produced products where possible. Do visit the core values page to read more about the business’s principles and ethics.


The bakery uses a range of lovely flours milled in small, independent UK mills. Some, such as Whissendine Windmill, are local, whilst a significant amount of beautiful flour from Gloucestershire’s Shipton Mill is also used. The mills will source their grain depending on the quality of the harvests to ensure the best quality flour is available. Therefore some grain may be from the UK or from mainland Europe and beyond. A benefit of purchasing from small mills is that the baker can phone up and ask for details on where exactly the grain is from and ask for up to date information.


Only where sweeteners are called for as an integral part of the recipe are they used (and none are artificial). Sugar, if possible Fair Trade, is used only in sweet dough and bun products. Wonderful raw honey from local bee man David The Bee Farmer  is used both in some breads but is also available to purchase from the Bread Bike.

a jar of local honey
Local, raw honey for sale through the bakery


showing beetroot growing in the garden
Beetroot from the home garden is used in some breads.

The range of breads produced by the bakery means many different ‘inclusions’ are used. Where possible these are purchased from local shops to support the local economy. Special bakes might use vegetables, herbs and fruit from the home garden. Other specially imported ingredients have also been used through partnership purchasing with other local small businesses.