Baking a Difference: A Grand Finale. And a Bread Bike!

Delivery of the year long Baking a Difference project drew to a wonderful close at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. Three young women and a staff member were invited to take part in bread making in the school kitchen. They absolutely loved it!

Project partners Learning for the Fourth Age are always keen to bring in new volunteers to the charity’s work. Giving the young women a taste of bread making was a good way to introduce them to the innovative approaches the charity adopts. Bread making with Planet Leicester Bakers also has the benefit of building confidence and encouraging enjoyment in real food. Comments from the young women certainly attested to that!

The final training  was not the end of the project though. It will live on in online videos available world-wide. A fantastic day of videoing with Jim and Ursula from Studio Softbox  captured ‘how to’ action for people working with or caring for others. This was then followed by a filming day at a Baking a Difference session in Evington at Arbor House Care Home. The photos and videos are in production and will be shared soon.


To mark the 5th anniversary of the establishment of Planet Leicester Bakers, Bake Days have changed for the summer (and perhaps beyond). Fortnightly bakes are now transported by bike to St Martin’s Square in Leicester City Centre. Here Special Treats and buns are sold to the public. You can still join the email list though so you know what is on offer each bake. Just drop Planet Leicester Bakers a note via the contact page.

The Bread Bike in Action!