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Footy and Bread: Bringing the City Together

Wild - The wild yeast, named 'Claudio', built from fine Italian flour

We’re Backing the Blues next Friday 29th April!  It’s a day for the whole city, and county, to get behind the Leicester City football team as we reach the climax of an amazing Premiership season.  Will they do it?  Who knows!  But the tension is mounting and the Leicester Mercury is promoting a day of support and appreciation for Signor Ranieri’s team.  So what is Planet Leicester Bakers doing?

Along with many other local businesses Planet Leicester Bakers is doing something a little special!

Backing the Blues buns
Backing the Blues with Blue Buns!

The unique ‘Wild Fire Blues’ sourdough has been especially created and is being sold to customers at a higher price than other Special Treats usually are, with a complimentary Blue Bun going with each loaf. The bread’s ingredients have been carefully chosen to reflect different aspects of the team’s season and features.  Only 10 loaves are being baked and the asking price of £10 aims to raise money for the planned City of Sanctuary charity football team.  They are in need of kit and equipment and Planet Leicester Bakers is delighted to be able to raise money to help them out.  Check out Facebook for up to date info on Wild Fire Blues and Blue Bun orders.

Planet Leicester Bakers was established with the aim of exploiting the loveliness of bread to bring people and communities together.  People seek sanctuary from wars, disasters and persecution in this wonderful city, but often remain on the fringes.  Not allowed to work and in a strange place, with often limited English, breaking into networks and building social connections can be particularly hard.

The City of Sanctuary football team will aim to give people seeking asylum in Leicester a place to relax with other city folk. Football will be an activity enabling a meeting of people, building relationships and understanding and adding yet more strength to the city’s rich social fabric.

So, with bread, Planet Leicester Bakers is proud to be able to support the team’s creation and offer our customers the chance to get behind LCFC and City of Sanctuary’s fabulous work.  If you’d like to get involved in the football team, as a player or volunteer, then get in touch with Leicester City of Sanctuary.  They’d love a woman footy coach to help develop a women’s team as well.