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Bread Bike delivery route plan

Welcome back to a world of Zoom and Bread Bike deliveries

Hello from Planet Leicester Bakers! It’s been some months since the website became impossible to edit. A moment coinciding with the change of the world as we knew it with COVID-19 ravaging across the planet.

Although the website has been suspended there has been plenty of action on social media (do follow via the buttons below this post). I have been beavering away, learning as I go, and we now have this new website to showcase the business. Hopefully it will reflect the new ways we will be working as the months pass.

Before the first national lockdown the Bread Bike was starting to wake up from its winter slumber. Unfortunately circumstances made continuing with the arrangement in St Martin’s Square impossible from a safety aspect. After a bit of a break though the bike was back, trialling a delivery route from Thurmaston through town to the south of the city. The first trial customers have since been joined by others and bakes are weekly on Friday – supplying lovely fresh bread and buns for the local residents’ weekends. Do check out the micro-bakery page for more information and drop me a line if you are interested in signing up.

The pandemic has also brought a break in face to face work – training, public speaking and community activities. I am now offering on-line sessions, from half hour chats to answer questions on bread making to full, longer sessions where we can bake together. These are very reasonably priced – get in touch to find out more.

Most importantly though, keep well and safe. And I’d love to hear from you about your lockdown bakes – or just hear from you x

The Bread Bike with bread on board
The Bread Bike is now a Bread Delivery Bike!
The Bread Bike with bread on board

News of changes in the business!

Time for news of changes in the business! Various technical changes have happened with the website recently but ongoing site problems mean editing is currently suspended.

So, what will you see when we have the solution and can edit again? A number of changes have taken place over the past few months. Plans for the year have been set aside as COVID-19 has had a serious impact on training and community project opportunities. Also, even before the ‘lock-down’ was introduced in England, the Bread Bike service in St Martin’s Square was suspended by Planet Leicester Bakers because of safety concerns. All public speaking engagements have been cancelled for the rest of the year. No training or community projects are in the diary.

Images from the WI talk at Hinckley Canalside
The last WI talk and demonstration before COVID-19 ‘lock-down’ was a great success at Hinckley Canalside

Moving forward…

Bread Bike: Great Hit in Bakery’s 5th Anniversary Year

As we free-wheel towards Christmas, the Bread Bike initiative has proven a great hit in this momentous anniversary year for Planet Leicester Bakers.

Launched in the summer to mark the business’s fifth year of trading and community activity, the Bread Bike success represents all that is great about this community micro-business. Every fortnight new special bread treats and Surprise Bike Buns are baked in the micro-bakery in Thurmaston. They are then pedaled into Leicester City Centre to St Martin’s Square.

Bread Bike in action
The Bread Bike’s first week in action, offering Amalfi Lemon and Poppy Seed loaves

St Martin’s Square is the location for a number of reasons. This includes the ethos of many of the small businesses based there. Fair Trade, environmentally friendly no plastic wares and a fellow Slow Food supporter are natural bedfellows for Planet Leicester Bakers. (Read about the business’s core values here). The support of  business staff and owners has made it a wise and heart-warming choice as well. It is great to begin to feel a physical part of Leicester’s wonderful small and micro business community. …

Baking a Difference: A Grand Finale. And a Bread Bike!

Delivery of the year long Baking a Difference project drew to a wonderful close at Wyggeston and Queen Elizabeth I College. Three young women and a staff member were invited to take part in bread making in the school kitchen. They absolutely loved it!

Project partners Learning for the Fourth Age are always keen to bring in new volunteers to the charity’s work. Giving the young women a taste of bread making was a good way to introduce them to the innovative approaches the charity adopts. Bread making with Planet Leicester Bakers also has the benefit of building confidence and encouraging enjoyment in real food. Comments from the young women certainly attested to that!